Snow on St David’s Day

Everyone and their dog takes photos of snow, to which I am adding my own from getting to my horse from home in Efail Isaf.

This was the gradual development of snow around March 1st, St David’s Day – a day usually more about daffodils and spring.  Some gorgeous skies one day, then flurries across the fields the next.

By Thursday, the flurries were swirling fast and cold around our house.


Thursday was bitter, and my horse was lucky to have some hours out in the field with two others.  On Friday, I expected to walk the mile or so to the yard.  Luckily, Keith from Ty Newydd had cleared the lane up to his yard, and I left my Rav4 there, immediately testing leg muscles through thick untrodden snow on the lane. This is by the old road over the Garth, near the T-junction with Maesmawr Road. (Friday update: Alex from our stable cleared the rest of the road, but Maesmawr Road was totally blocked.)

It all looks very pretty and is fun for sledging.  The horses still need their stables done, muck pushed up the heap, and more straw, haynets and water added.  My fussy horse wussed out on his dinner because he didn’t like the snow coming under his door. (He ate it when it was moved.)  Water is stored under straw, but freezes quickly and is checked regularly.

Bo is wearing his heavyweight 400g turnout rug (even warmer than his thickest stable rug) in silver with a blue trim and a silver-intereactive lining.  He’s snug and his ears warm.

It was time for me to brave the walk back after a quick hot drink from my flask.

Then it was back home for me, the drifts being easily over the knee on parts of the farm lane.


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1 Response to Snow on St David’s Day

  1. Walking poet says:

    Thank you Jay you very brave caring lady (I know where the stables are and it is steep too)

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