“Landmarks” at Made in Roath

Made in Roath has an annual October festival which has a brilliant range of open exhibitions, happenings and events from dawn to dusk – all free to the public.

My highlight this year was “Landmarks” by Unity and Rufus Musafa  who have had fun combining Unity’s hip-hop graffiti-style art with Rufus’ rapper-style poetry and lyrics.

They performed at Inkspot in their exhibition space, which was like a warm green fairy glen.  Unity worked the loopback and tech.  Rufus is bilingual and I loved listening to her in Welsh with the language rhythms.

Landmarks refers to the weeding of words from the Oxford Junior Dictionary, which Robert McFarlane (among others) had noticed removed many words of nature: bluebell, otter, catkin …. to make way for digital words.

I think these are two fantastic creative women.  Rufus was at the Worker’s Gallery, Ynyshir, 3rd birthday do last Sunday, improvising with Bel Blue and it was amazing.  I’m writing up an interview with Unity for the next Women’s Arts Association Newsletter, which will be interesting.

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