Looking for commitment on Footpath 48a in Tonteg

Local Correspondents for Open Spaces Society have opportunities to object to any path orders, and I have had to refuse to withdraw objections to an order to extinguish a footpath through a new estate in Tonteg in Rhondda Cynon Taf.  I posted about this before, in March 2013, March 2015 and February this year as the site was developed.

There is good news and not-so-good news.  The good news is that the developer has removed the wooden fence across the path where it offers a short walk to the shops on Main Road instead of a long drive round from the estate.

I have been sent the full layout for a green space and pavement and this now includes a cycle path as well as a pleasant area to walk through, roughly on the same route as Footpath 48a.  So far, these are proposals and to some extent visible on the ground (with lots of metal fencing).

There is still an issue of commitment to pedestrian enjoyment of the route, with kerb levels relative to the unfinished road surface level tempting to car drivers who seem to think that pavement are nice places to park. Are the kerbs going to be high enough?

Will the green spaces be defended? Already, strange works have appeared suggesting possible entrances across a green area. One moment all is well, then not so.

I remain skeptical about these things though hopeful.  I asked and have been assured that the “cycle path and that length of the footpath that proceeds from the estate to the community route has been passed onto the Transport Planning team  for possible inclusion in RCT’s draft Integrated Map Network (INM)”.

If all is done, it should improve the health and well-being on the estate and save a few car journeys.  I dare not back off yet, having been caught out by empty promises before, although, with the Welsh Future Generations Act, and our Active Travel Act in place, the council and I should be in agreement.

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6 Responses to Looking for commitment on Footpath 48a in Tonteg

  1. I didn’t realise there was a proposal to extinguish this route. I have walked and cycled it regularly for many years and have only seen notices pertinent to the temporary closure of the route whilst the new housing development was constructed. I also read much of the development’s Environmental Impact Assessment which was a travesty having been conducted a year or two after the existing wetland had been drained and much of the vegetation ripped up.


  2. ossjay says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Steve. I’ll feed that back into RCT and see how serious they are.


  3. Keep up the good work Jay, environment warrioress you are.

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  4. It will be interesting to see how the cycle path ties into the community route as this currently necessitates crossing a stream.


    • ossjay says:

      Cyclists aren’t great fans of stepping stones, are they:) This one isn’t too deep and it’s fIat either side. Is there a recommended cycle-crossing for streams?


      • Having come off my bike there recently I can confirm that it isn’t that flat! If RCT are serious about connecting the two routes it will require a small bridge similar to the one recently installed over the stream near the bottom of the footbridge, crossing the valleys line, that leads from Llantwit Road towards Rhydyfelin.

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