IWD 2017: some women’s art

There have been lots of International Women’s Day events in March 2017  (the day itself is 8th March), and I usually get round a few.  A rotten cold for me and voiceless Mike as company meant we only made it to a couple which involved women artists of Women’s Arts Association.

Swansea’s artists Rose Davies, together with Sylvie Evans and Patricia McKenna-Jones, organised a month-long exhibition of over 20 artists in Cinema and Co, and the opening was packed.  I worked in Swansea for years oblivious to the city’s lively creativity – or maybe it has thrived since I retired.

There was food and bar, an innovative BogArt in the toilets, and Amelia Thomas creating one of her Art Millimagics near the screen. Poet and rapper Rufus Mufasa was among performance art which included drumming by Patricia McKenna-Jones.

And there was a wide range of art to suit every taste.

In Cardiff, Women’s Arts Association had an open exhibition at Llanover Hall, curated this year by Patricia Clifford.  One of the most remarked-on pieces is Jacqueline Alkema’s dramatic “Ingrid Bergman”; another highlight is a delicate working of “Lord Buddha” from India by Vishakha Manesh Lad.

On Fridays, I go to the drawing class and have been able to revisit the exhibition.

There are thoughtful insights into feminist issues.

… as well as some bright exuberances, new women in art and old friends developing.  These are always shows to which I look forward.


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