Lost Connections in Art in the Attic, Porth

Marion Cheung-Webber’s art works are well worth a visit to the gallery at The Factory, Porth called Art in the Attic.  It’s a really nice space.

img_20170303_185310298 img_20170303_191533995_hdr

“Lost Connections” is a series of subtle works capturing young people absorbed in digital images backgrounded by a world of e-waste.  Marion worked with schoolchildren from Bassaleg High School on these – she engages with community successfully to develop her projects.

We used to have one of these at home, lost in his PC World.  I really like the light and layered depth to her work.

img_20170303_191559426 img_20170303_191620957_hdr

I have been intending to see Marion’s work since the exhibition was in Newport a while ago – I hear about her from Women’s Arts Association.  Her show in Porth is on until 17th March.

img_20170303_191504231 img_20170303_185330167

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2 Responses to Lost Connections in Art in the Attic, Porth

  1. lindakasmaty says:

    Really lovely images


  2. I must try and make more of an effort and visit this wonderful place


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