Celebrating in the Wilderness

The Wilderness near Mitcheldean in Gloucestershire was the choice for my friend and ex-colleague Emily’s 50th birthday weekend.  As well as the wonderful company, food and drink and brilliant passtimes, games and musical talents, the place itself was great.  I woke up to watch the morning sunrise and slow emerging shapes.

img_20170121_073430077 img_20170121_073458552

The house lit up too.


The walk took in forest paths and a frozen Wigpool, returning via Mitcheldean.

img_20170121_130744859_hdr img_20170121_135412636

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3 Responses to Celebrating in the Wilderness

  1. lindakasmaty says:

    Gorgeous place, maybe we should have a 70th birthday there?


    • ossjay says:

      Good idea – it’s handy for Wales and England, making far flung friends more equidistant. I think about 40 people stayed each night and 100 were there one day, and it was warm and the kitchen really well-equipped.

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  2. So lovely when the Sunset has been caught by ones eye’s..On the odd occasion I wake at around 5 and watch the sunset with a cuppa, sometimes I go back to sleep, sometimes I get up with the sun depending…nice house here Ossjay, as it happens I have a soft spot for Gloucestor, Nice piocture too here, I like to see a cold and frosty morning through the window but we were not so clever when we walked across Kilvey Hill to school in it !!Haha, regards Diane.

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