Clouds and sun around the Garth

Long winter shadows on the fields and cloud inversions are a frequent sight on the Garth mountain and in the Taf valley.   I see them as I go up to the stables in the morning. These photos were taken in early January.

img_20170102_111814089_hdr img_20170108_101758285

Later that day, at about one o’clock after mucking out and riding, this appeared.

img_20170103_130712691_hdr img_20170103_130313878_hdr

A month later, in early February, the cloud inversion along the Taf valley was thick and woolly below, and the sun bright looking west to Mynydd Eglwysilan: I stopped on the lane above Dryscoed, and the cloud curls up the valley past Pontypridd in the background.


This is more southerly, over Mynydd Meio.


The clouds smothered Coed-y-Gedrys below the farm.

img_20170204_102527192 img_20170204_102541585

This is the view over Coed-y-Gedrys without cloud, with my horse sharing a happy moment with my other favourite companion.

img_20170205_164015461small img_20170205_164049949small

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2 Responses to Clouds and sun around the Garth

  1. lindakasmaty says:

    Amazing photos.


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