Green ways in new estates: an attack on Footpath 48a

I have written about Open Spaces Society’s promotion of a wide grassy route through the new development between Tonteg and the Church Village by-pass on a few occasions since March 2013.  Then, the fields and footpaths were a short cut through to the shops on Main Road, and mainly a walkers’ and children’s place for dogs and dens.

There have been Temporary Footpath Closure Order on this path renewed, and next a proposal to extinguish the path in the estate.  I replied:

“Open Spaces Society will oppose any application to extinguish the footpath through this site.  Throughout the planning process for this development, OSS has supported the Rights of Way Officer in seeking to maintain a right of way of adequate width within green space in order to avoid a significant loss of enjoyment by users. …..  I believe this is in line with the Local Access Forum’s views on encouraging non-car travel including to shops.”

I would prefer to have the footpath remain, with a cycleway separated from it.  This would keep the permanent footpath on the Definitive Map, whereas a cycleway is on streets and not the Definitive Map, and is easy to extinguish. I walked through the estate to have a look on the ground. Here is the new way down the field, and it is a nice broad pavement with greenery, although it runs beside a road.

img_20161228_162552071 img_20161228_162602978

The estate roads beside the pavement path are narrow, and not everyone likes to park their shiny car on a narrow road.  Furthermore, I fear for the maintaining of the pavement for walking, because once the roads are made up to the height of the drains, the kerbs will be low enough for a car to drive over easily.

img_20161228_162626713_hdr img_20161228_162645324_hdr

People are not waiting for the roads to be made up to park on the pavements, even while many houses are empty.  This not the right place to be extinguishing rights of way.

img_20161228_162906423 img_20161228_162923337

It got worse at the top of the path, where we met people trying to get through to buy teabags from the Co-op on the main road in Tonteg (over a mile round without this path).  The arrow shows where the path should access The Ridings and I can only hope that the very permanent looking fence will be removed, eventually when the developer feels like it.


This is the same path when the developer moved in and I had high hopes of a broad green swathe and not a wide pavement.

footpath to the ridings tonteg phase 2 building

footpath to the ridings tonteg phase 2 building

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4 Responses to Green ways in new estates: an attack on Footpath 48a

  1. Simon says:

    Very interesting post and blog.
    I’m moving to this estate soon and your blog has been most informative.


  2. Maggie Thomas says:

    Keep opposing this. The public footpath cannot be diverted onto the pavement once the roads & pavement have been adopted by the local authority.

    Liked by 1 person

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