Away from sparkly things: Bristol Museum and more

We wished, the three of us, to find somewhere quiet and peaceful to chat and catch up.  We chose Bristol, met at the train station and bussed into town: neither train nor bus was heaving with Christmas shoppers.  Our lunchtime destination was Bristol Museum.  The cafe is good and serves lunches late.  It has a fine fireplace, boasting from 1639, to gaze at.

The polished brass and fancy-patterned sinks made a visit to the toilets distinctive. Linda and I did the photo in a mirror bit.

We spent most of our visit on the second floor which has European art, glass and ceramics among the rooms.  There are lots of large limp pre-raphaelites and interesting impressionists.  I liked a Dutch-influenced painting “My neighbour’s house” in Beverley in Yorkshire by Fred Elwell.


And this by Courbet.


Seeing the Bristol complexity in its Delftware and pots was funny.  Best kept in a museum.

I liked these art nouveau vases, with the background ironwork and wood staircase


Glassware included the multicoloured vase by Bob Crooks as well as older glass.

There was an exhibition of re-creations of Mexican art by Adela Breton (1849-1923): she travelled and kept meticulous notebooks as well as sketches. She made full-sized copies of the wall-paintings in Chichén Itzá, Teotihuacan and Acancéh which are on display.

The modern art had some stunning pieces, including these by Tala Madani and the “richly scented” minimalist cube of tea by Ai Weiwei.

I thought Victor Pasmore used colour and 3-d shadows to good effect.  Finally we went downstairs to find Kate Malone’s ceramic fish fountain which she cast in bronze (linda and Kath show the scale – sorry for pun).

We took a brief tour of some good places to know about, like Ken Stradling’s amazing house and Guild, a designer store.  It is hard to keep Linda away from shiny things and here she is attracted to a rail of glittery tops, while Kathy stays on the pavement to watch  for a bus.

Safely near Temple Meads, we enjoyed waiting for our trains to carry us home.

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda – Happy New Year

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8 Responses to Away from sparkly things: Bristol Museum and more

  1. Nice to see an old building from 1600’s still kept in good condition! [nice picture of you both]regards Diane.


  2. Hi Ossjay great pics, and write up, many thanks, I for one will be having a better look at them all soon, regards Diane.


  3. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! I enjoyed this. When I have spare time before or after a meeting in Birmingham I pop into the museum which is splendid.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i chi hefyd 😀


  5. Thank you for sharing your wonderful informative blogs wishing you a peaceful healthy 2017 x


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