Women’s Arts Association autumn exhibition

The Women’s Arts Association has had a very successful show of associate members’ work at Llanover Hall in Cardiff.  “How I see It …” fitted nicely with Llanover Hall’s educative functions by asking women makers to create an original work inspired by a woman artist.

img_20161111_202510107 img_20161111_202514765

The opening, with readings by Toni-Ann La Crette, was enthusiastically attended, and groups from schools and of women had the opportunity to see the art but also see the women’s art that had been the inspiration – a good thing to demonstrate and take with them.

img_5385 img_5388

On the left (from l to r), there is Rose Davies’ printed fabric piece inspired by Kathe Kollwitz, Dilys Jackson’s sculpture inspired by a Barbara Hepworth piece, Georgina Peach mobile inspired by Louis Bourgeois,  who painting also inspired Rebecca Croxford’s triptych, and Sue Roberts inspired by Marlene Dumas.  On the right, Bee Bennett’s landscape inspired by Joan Eardley, Dianne Setch’s digital image inspired by Ellen Gallagher, and Sarah Featherstone photography inspired by Madame Yevonde.

img_5384 img_5393

More familiar as a mural and street artist Millimagic who signs herself Unity, Amelia Thomas worked on canvas inspired by Ruth Evans’ poem “Birth Plan”.  Jacqueline Alkema had shaved her hair last summer and used the experience in the light of Freda Kahlo’s self portrait, beside Kay Keogh’s portait inspired by Margaret Dumas.  (Jacqueline Alkema curated with Sarah Featherstone and Phillippa Brown.)

There were so many interesting works: at the Annual General Meeting, several artists explained their work.

img_20161111_202816950 img_5381

Aisling Tempany took us through the process of her inked piece inspired by abstract and religious work, including Mainee Jellet’s.  Anna Polya’s almost narrative work (not well -photographed) was an intelligent restyling and relocating of “Woman and Child in a Meadow” by Berthe Morisot.


Of course, I loved Shirley Anne Owen’s horses inspired by cave painters, who, she notes, were mostly women.

img_5380 img_5379

My own painting on the ambiguity of walls was inspired by surrealist Dorothea Tanning.  Angela Kingston’s art inspired by various quotes hung beside Kathryn Jordan’s nasturiums inspired by Dora Carrington’s tulips.

I must also mention Dinah Guilfoyle (@dinahvagina) who didn’t hold back on her buttons of 50 women artists.  Mandy Lane’s amazing piece became more scary each time I saw it – inspired by Kiki Smith.


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  1. Reblogged this on scribblah and commented:
    Here’s a nice write-up of an exhibition I recently had a piece of artwork in….

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  2. ossjay says:

    Shirley Anne’s cave-colours and the horses’ movement changed in different lights when I was in Llanover. Really fab.

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  3. Looks great, and I can see where the inspiration came from. Love the cave painting.

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