Autumn leaves and winter sun

I’ve been enjoying the shades of autumn and now startling spots of colour against the wintry sun, which rises and arcs low.  Where I and my horse live near the Garth in Rhondda Cynon Taf, this allows me to experience the variety of light from behind the mountain, casting long shadows from hedges round the fields.

img_20161107_120357754Riding out from the farm, we often go down the Gedrys hill, eastwards.

img_20161030_114446611_hdr img_20161030_114510378_hdr

It’s quite a steep hill down and good work for a horse’s balance. Bo’s chestnut was matched by the beech leaves in November.

img_20161103_110554741_hdr img_20161103_110601556_hdr

From the bottom of the Gedrys, we sometimes go left under the railway bridge and along by the river Taf.  It is a good ride, marred too often by fly-tipping.

img_20161113_111401103 img_20161113_111313006

Back at the farm, on a sunny day you can see over to Mynydd Meio and Egwysilan commons, and there are views north almost to Merthyr.


Of course, the low angles and light can be used creatively in photos.  I only take the bare record.  It’s fun though, strolling along the footpath on the old railway line near home on a damp December day.

img_20161207_153221331 img_20161207_153257831 img_20161207_153321041

img_20161207_153431782 img_20161207_153549067

There is so much good to be had from simply being on a right of way or lane in the open air: great in the Welsh Valleys.  Not necessarily when it tips down though.


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3 Responses to Autumn leaves and winter sun

  1. Thank you ossjay lovely pictures, good ol welsh views and ground level earthy feelings of home show through too!Beautiful horse! regards Diane.

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