Rose Davies at the Worker’s Gallery

Rose Davies is a Swansea-based artist, a prolific explorer of different ways of doing art and materials.  Her blog as Rosie Scribblah is fun and informative.  Like other artists in Women’s Arts Association, she has projects, and her latest, following the path of the boar hunt (y twrch trwyth) in the Mabinogion, has resulted in Yr Helfa / The Hunt, her solo exhibition in The Workers Gallery in Ynyshir.   I had been meaning to go to Ynyshir and the gallery for ages.

img_20160914_221515 img_20160914_221558

Ynyshir, a few miles out of Porth, is all Valleys stone and greenery, and the Workers is a light space made of the former library by artists Gayle Rogers and Chris Williams.  There is no miners’ memorabilia here.  Instead, it is rampant creativity of original minds, an art library, and has excellent tea and cakes.  The blog has fine photos of the cakes.

Rose was brought up with sagas and myths, and has been out in all weathers with prehistorian Dewi Bowen and filmmaker Melvyn Williams, tracking down the megaliths, the standing stones, across south Wales. Rose (below, back view) had chosen 30, in groups of six with a description of each stone’s place.

img_20160910_160950187 img_20160910_160959922

Some of the groups work really well together and, for places I knew, she has subtley captured their character.  The Fabriano paper sheets were prepared, lots of them, with walnut ink, torn and stacked away, and then other media were added on site, after she selected one.  In March and April, they combatted fierce gales and cold on the wild mountains and commons. It is a monumental project indeed.

img_20160910_161014905 img_20160910_161024618 img_20160910_161032090 img_20160910_161041321

Although the exhibition ended on 24th September, Rose’s work is available online through her site  – and she will also welcome you, if your age is right, to sit as one of her 100 Baby Boomers (she has done 72 now). her sketchbooks were on show, with a video too.


There is always more to see at the Workers, including distinctive pieces by Gayle Rogers and Chris Williams’ dynamic wood sculptures, and other artists including Rosmarie O’Leary and Patricia Clifford.

img_20160910_161054267_hdr img_20160910_161541667_hdr

There is a wall of small originals at a small price and a good selection of cards from work exhibited.  They do classes too.

img_20160910_161114133 img_20160910_161524877img_20160910_161338797_hdr

An enjoyable visit, and it was good to chat to Rose from whose blog I have learned a lot.  In my experience, Ynyshir and the gallery are places people simply like.




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3 Responses to Rose Davies at the Worker’s Gallery

  1. Hello and thanks a million to my blog followers! I enjoyed looking through all the write’s and pic’s. Thanks to Ossjay also for you very nice blog, by that I mean it is always so sensible, very interesting, clear cut with nice warm feelings shown, and most of all a nice clean site with no nonsense attached! best wishes to you from Diane..


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  3. Thank you so much for your lovely write up and also for making the journey up to the gallery. It is indeed a smashing place 🙂

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