Checking a diversion on footpath 56 Peterston-Super-Montem

Open Spaces Society are consulted on diversions of rights of way, and this application was an opportunity to find another hidden gem of a valley above Llanharan.  It was in an out-of-the-way spot, accessible by car through Mynydd Coedbychan road.

img_20160907_164450079 img_20160907_164511996

I came up here in May 2014 about Dan-y-Graig, a lane in poor repair. The hawthorn which was in bloom in May now has plenty of haws.

img_5341 img_5342

I wrongly thought the diversion of footpath 56 was by this farm, and was lucky to meet the farmer Jason who directed us through the farmyard and onto a track.

img_5365 img_5363

This led, with curious cattle and trees, to Argoed-Edwin.

img_5349 img_5351

At the farm, a bridleway 57 PSM turns downhill.

img_5352 img_5353

The footpath 56 goes round the back of the farm, to the left, but is shown on the Definitive Map going through the right-hand side of the farm. There are lovely views over the valley and out over to the sea.

img_5355 img_5357

The path has been recently cleared through an orchard and across a field, and stiles put in.

img_5359 img_5356

My impression was that the path was little known or used, and better definition will attract more people to enjoy it.  The diversion looks acceptable as long as adequate width is kept.  It is not suitable for people unable to negotiate the stiles.

Walking back, I noticed that the route of footpath 56 is not along the length of the track, and should dip down into the forestry.  It’s a guess where it goes.

img_5361 img_5362

There is some work to do to sort out the routes in this area.  One road seems to have been removed from the list of streets, which shows roads under the Highways department, and needs to be added to the Definitive Map of rights of way.  It’s irritating and sly, a way for Highways to save a bit of money.

Never mind, the hillsides are gorgeous.

img_5358 img_5370

These pigs and sheep were happy, and I hope to see access for all users improved.

img_5367 img_5366

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5 Responses to Checking a diversion on footpath 56 Peterston-Super-Montem

  1. Hugh says:

    Challenge the council on removal from the list of streets. It has no power to just decide a road is no longer maintainable.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Annoying typo, sorry


  3. Anonymous says:

    What a lovely route. Greta photos


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