Wales Coastal Path: Ogmore to Porthcawl

This was more of a beach walk than Wales Coastal Path: the challenge was to cross the estuary of the River Ogmore at low tide.  A while ago, we crossed the stepping stones, upriver by Ogmore Castle, from the Merthyr Mawr side and saw how fast the river can rise as the tide comes in.

This time, we parked on the Ogmore side and walked out towards the sea as the tide began to turn (tide times are easily found online).  The undercurrents and cross-currents can be deceptive.

1img_20160902_131159842 3img_20160902_131142636

The river runs swiftly in the deeper channels: it is stony underfoot and the water power is unexpected, despite the river being spread out over the sands.  As we walked west, the wilderness dunes of Merthyr Mawr were to the north.  The car park is wisely on the far side of the dunes which keeps this beach for the more adventurous, horse riders and the birds.

6img_20160902_132153411 8img_20160902_132215450

I do like to get the sand between my toes and it was all barefoot.  Once through the water, we looked back to Ogmore village.


Then we carried on beside the dunes towards Porthcawl in the distance as the tide started to come in.


There were lots of birds including avocets, I think – very cute and delicately picking over the wet sand.

14img_20160902_133107861 16img_20160902_133128700

There was a patch of rocks, overed with coral-like barnacles.  Rock pools slowly revealed their life of shrimps and winkles.


On the way to Porthcawl, we went through the well known resort of Trecco Bay and had a wander through.  We walked over to the slipway up to the lifeboat at Porthcawl – not recommended because of the slimy mud beyond the firm sand.


Our bus back to Ogmore via Bridgend wasn’t due for a while, and we walked towards Rest Bay, past handsomely renovated and old seaside houses, white and glass in the sun.  In the distance are the faint outlines of the Tata steel works at Port Talbot, where Open Spaces Society helped, a little, the local campaigners Save Morfa Beach to keep the path on Langlands Lane in 2013.



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4 Responses to Wales Coastal Path: Ogmore to Porthcawl

  1. ossjay says:

    I am not sure which one is Pink Bay … I’ve walked from Morfa past Kenfig and up to the headland, and ridden Bo there too, more than once. We might still have a couple of hundred yards to do on the far side of Morfa – always a favourite.


  2. Dear Jay you always inspire me to get out there.


    • ossjay says:

      Thanks – you do lots of inspiring yourself! This is such a beautiful and big beach. We met a man who walks his dog, and a crow joins him each day and hops along with them. There’s space for all.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Dave Jenkins says:

    Hi Ossjay,

    Could be I missed one of your missives, but have you walked from Pink Bay to Morfa ( and incidentally Open Spaces Were a big player in the Save Morfa campaign) also with a slight deviation through Kehfig pool nature reserve. I thourghaly recommend a pint of Bass in the Prince To send you on your journey ,culminating in our well won Morfa Beach.

    Dave Jenkins


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