Eisteddfod at Abergavenny

I had never been to an Eisteddfod before last Tuesday.  A friend drove us to this year’s which is in Y Fenni (Abergavenny).

Once parked and bussed to the Maes (field), Mike quickly found a friendly free cuppa.  The daughter was soon active and kept playing and running all day.

It wasn’t too crowded and there were lots of stalls, pavilions and stages to visit, talks to listen to and characters to observe.

Of course, there is art and the Arts Council of Wales exhibition.  I liked the photography, especially the underground photographs by Simon Fenoulhet.


There were interesting pieces by Susan Phillips (embossed collograph prints) and portraits by the Tony Goble Award winner Liam O’Connor, and a steady stream of viewers.

Outside, there was more to see, like this lovely harp studio.


There were, as expected, pop-up events like the singers and then a poet under a tree.  While we ate lunch (good curry, salad and a fish and chips) there was an amazonian warrior event which I didn’t understand at all.


Some of the S4C presenters were thrilling a young audience. Later we listened to fine singing of fairly mournful ballards.  It was an enjoyable day, though my wellies were far too hot and not needed.


I also met Rebecca of Zimele (an Abergavenny-based charity with links to Swayimane, South Africa), beneath some gorgeous knitting-decorated trees.

With a small person still running and running, we could not stay for the evening choirs and peformances – perhaps another time.

Later, I got Twitter credit as @ossjay after Open Spaces Society‘s general secretary Kate Ashbrook @campaignerkate was on the OSS and Ramblers’ Wednesday morning walk.  The annual Eisteddfod walk is always a highlight, but it was, I must confess, Kate and not me.

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2 Responses to Eisteddfod at Abergavenny

  1. Dear Ossjay, could you possibly add your blog onto mine? I cannot seem to [press] it, for some reason, hope you do’nt mind me askng thank you Diane.


  2. Sorry we couldn’t be there on the same day and that you missed the walk, will blog about it later. Lovely day and my first visit to the Maes.

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