Penarth Open Studio Trail 2016: textiles

A quick afternoon on the Open Studio Trail in Penarth was very worthwhile: we popped into a couple of favourites and spent more time with textile artists Judy Stephens and Sarah Fisher, both Women’s Arts Association members.

Judy Stephens has introduced me to quilting with her works on the Billybanks estate (one of these was in the Bath Society’s recent exhibition), and I treated myself to two small more recent pieces, inspired by sea and the volcanic ash incident and full of texture and narrative.  She explained some detail of the long process of selecting materials, colours, patterns, and the sewing before final quilting.  So much varied creative input and patience.


Sarah Fisher was opening her studio for the first time: she works with felt, fashioning it into weird and wonderful animals, fish and more practical wall hangings, hats, bags and accessories. She combines wool with silks and other fabrics for an exquisite detail of weight and texture.

IMG_5185 IMG_5187

A bonus was their lovely gardens – typical of Penarth.

IMG_5182 IMG_5188

The marrying of gardens and art reminds me of the blog by Swindon Open Studios which combines the two.

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