Coastal Path: Monknash to Dunraven

We had been saving a few miles of the Wales Coastal Path for the right weather and company, roughly between Monknash and Dunraven.  Our friends Heather and Wal joined us and the sun shone at the end of March.

car parking near Monknash

car park near Monknash

Once on the Coastal Path, we were on a stretch of cliff-tops with sea-kale and wild carrots growing in abundance.  The sea-kale was tasty even raw.  Wal suggested that the kale and carrots went back to the Romans.  It’s quite possible.

We were soon into the regular inlets and grassland.

Wal demonstrated how to make a sharp edge to a flint he found, and I saw my first violets and bluebell.

Heather did a good “gazing meaningfully out to sea”.

We came to the Jurassic cliffs of Blue Lias and mudstone layers, making pavements below.  The process of erosion can be seen from a crack in the cliff to a pinnacle waiting to fall.

Further, and we descended into blackthorn and a deep valley, and through woods.  This is all part of the Heritage Coast from Aberthaw to Porthcawl.

There is an old iron post left in the modern gateway to the woods and grassed terraces.  We stopped to look round Dunraven walled garden, which I wrote about in October 2011.


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5 Responses to Coastal Path: Monknash to Dunraven

  1. lindakasmaty says:

    Lovely photos Jay, but why after the first photo are the others so minute?


    • ossjay says:

      The question is more why is the first so big? If you click on any, you can see the whole show in big size. I need to upgrade photo skills in the newer posting method.


  2. Jay I am taking a week off work in May to walk walks I have not walked in years. Can I thank you for putting walks out on you fab blog, to remind me. Monknash is one of them.


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