Bo on his horsey travels

My horse Bo and I have been having trips out, Bo finding a new best friend in Alfie, sharing haynets in the lorry. Bo and I haven’t done any dressage since last year, and he enjoys it.  We first went in late March.

We have been a couple of times to the friendly unaffiliated dressage at South Wales Equestrian Centre at Heol-y-Cyw.  (This where we did the Women’s Arts Association drawing day last summer, with Vicky Semple showing how a horse moves.)  Every horse gets applause, which is really supportive.

My photographer unfortunately didn’t capture our best moments: here is Bo’s hindquarters outside the warm-up ring, and Bo doing a nice halt and immobility, albeit unsmiling.  Alfie has won, and Bo has got seconds, in their classes.

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