Public rights of way are not “permissive”

This is a public right of way, which is shown on the Definitive Map as Footpath 61 Llantwit Fardre (or 61/DRE on the online map).  The public have a right to use it on foot.  IMG_4585

No one needs permission to use this path.  Nevertheless, at a stile and beside a Footpath post, someone has put up signs which state, incorrectly, that the footpaths are “permissive”.  This is very misleading and wrong.

IMG_4584 IMG_4588

The signs are erected by the charity Sustrans which has done excellent work for the cycle network, but could be deterring users and making them grateful for a “permission” which they do not need.  It’s a bit cheeky.  They are aware but this has been going on for over a year.

Here is another, at the top of the Devil’s Steps near Trefforest, on Footpath 107 Pontypridd.

If you come across such a bad sign, ignore it.


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