Art celebrating International Women’s Day

Every March and April has celebrations marking International Women’s Day, and women in the arts have again done themselves proud with excellent exhibitions and events.

Here are a few which I have been to, involving good friends and strangers (friends you haven’t met, as WB Yeats said and Van Morrison sang) from the Women’s Arts Association

Jacqueline Alkema joined forces with women artists for the 2016 Concentric show at Jacob’s Gallery on the third floor of Jacob’s Antiques (always worth a visit).  There was an intriguing variety to challenge the imagination.

Penelope Rose Cowley organised the WAA show at Llanover Hall, including storytelling at the opening, which was fabulous (there’s many stories behind dinahvagina’s lit dress too).  The exhibition runs until April 15th.

Here are some artists with their work: quilter Judy Stephens, Kate Evans, Jilly Hicks and Jacqueline Alkema.


judy stephens


kate evans


jilly hicks


jacqueline alkema

Penny and Jacqueline were also among the artists at a pop-up in Butetown History & Arts Centre on March 8th. WAA Chair Patricia Ziad, Chris Evans, Dilys Jackson, Dianne Setch, Gwyneth Price and Laura Holiday were popped up.

All of these shows are free to visit, and there is usually someone – maybe an artist – to welcome and chat to visitors.

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  1. lindakasmaty says:

    Lovely summary of exhibitions


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