A master class in dressage

Horsey people like me had a treat recently when Iona took home-bred Rott to an indoor school nearby to give a Master Class in Dressage.  The venue was Stocklands, and here they are going to meet his waiting fans.

All the rain and storms meant that an indoor school was required, but ruined any chance of good photos. Iona warmed Rott up.

Lynda described how Rott had been bred (from wonderful Maggie, an older but very good mum at 17) and raised, at first being aimed at eventing.  While lacking concentration jumping, he became focussed and willing to have a go at dressage.

He is now doing Advanced Medium, which involves movements like pirouettes and flying changes at canter.  Rott showed off his lateral work and flying changes happily.

Iona also described her own hard work and fitness regime, including jogging and yoga to get a strong core: it is a partnership in constant development.

Rott next showed how good and patient he could be when six of the young attendees rode him.  If they got the aids right, he responded, and they all loved the feel of a properly schooled dressage horse. Sometimes the elbow needed to be softer, less tense, as Olivia found.

Lottie has more experience and that showed.

Beth took time to gain confidence.

Evelyn was more “electric bum” and Iona stayed very calm.

They were all surprised at how hard they had to work at riding.

Last up was Abbie, who isn’t keen on dressage but wants to event. Rott was an absolute star at his Master Class, and his pupils learned a lot.

iona & rott at pentyrch pc master class, stocklands

Rott’s mum Maggie would have been proud of him.  Lynda and Iona certainly were.

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4 Responses to A master class in dressage

  1. Cancel that, it’s OK now that I’ve scrolled up and down. You’ve changed your system for photo captions though.


  2. Lovely to see. In my browser it came out a bit funny though with words over the photos and on top of each other, not sure why.


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