Afternoon sunshine on Efail Isaf

It is supposed to have been the hottest November day in Wales, and the sun was bright and colours glowing. Time, I thought, to record a few photos of the south side of Efail Isaf along some of our footpaths.

IMG_4362 IMG_4365

This is footpath 59 off Heol Dowlais along the farm track to Cwm Uchaf.  There is a new application for outline planning on agricultural land which would  alter the feel of the path.  The views go up towards Coed Hendre-Sguthan, which was recognised as a hill-fort in 2006.  Behind the hillfort – which is accessed from this network of paths – are Tyn-y-Coed woods and the Garth mountain.

IMG_4361 IMG_4358

The outline application is on land beyond the bridge over the old Efail Isaf to Barry railway line – long gone.  The footpath forks, with footpath 60 passing Cwm Uchaf.  I like the views north from here, with the brick chimney of Cwm Colliery a distant marker.

IMG_4355 IMG_4354

The path drops down to the Nant Felin stream, where it meets Footpath 58.  It’s a nice walk by Nant Felin, but not maintained, and path 97 is hard to use though waymarked on the other side of the stream.

IMG_4351 IMG_4352

It’s peaceful and full of birdsong as well as muddy and eroded.  As Open Spaces Society often point out, councils have a duty to maintain these paths, all of them. (This needs to be taken seriously in Wales as OSS has commented on the recent consultation

IMG_4346 IMG_4348

There is a cross-field path from stile to stile into the village, currently grazed by an imposing bull and some cows.  He looked quite cuddly.

IMG_4345 IMG_4344

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2 Responses to Afternoon sunshine on Efail Isaf

  1. lindakasmaty says:

    Just fabulous out at the moment


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