Getting ready for autumn: a horsey post

The horses are enjoying this September sunshine and the tasty grass it brings.  Today, by nine o’clock, some of our happy herd were ready for the first sleep of the day.  Others were still topping up.

IMG_3984 IMG_3986

My horse Bo was looking a very bright chestnut despite his muddy bits.  Even before autumn, he is getting his winter coat, shedding the fine summer hair. With so much rain, there has been some odd lichen-like things growing but I trust him to pick and choose – it’s a big and varied field.  He’s also fed daily after a ride.


IMG_3989 IMG_3994

Getting ready for autumn on the yard means finishing up painting in the stables: here is Meg’s stable, brilliant white with a smart black skirting, now waiting for her new mats to arrive and be fitted.  The wheelbarrows are all lined up at the wall, and new rug racks are rumoured to be going up.

IMG_3998 IMG_3996

The horses won’t be in their stables at night for a month or so, but it is best to get things done while it is drying weather.  Next week, Ceri from Eqwash, will be collecting a pile of turnout and stable rugs for repair, washing and reproofing. And, of course, wood is being cut and split for wood-burners: it will be getting chilly soon.



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