Three Cliffs and an Oxwich: celebrating with the Wales Coast Path

Low cloud, drizzle: what better for a celebration than to walk from Pennard to Oxwich along the coastal path, and down a few Tomos Watkins lagers (and tasty fish) in the CoalHouse before walking up to the main road to catch the bus back.jay oxwich coast path

The bus from Swansea terminates at Pennard Cliffs, high above the sea.  A collie came tearing past us as we crossed the short grass, again and again.  We were walking down the dunes before her owner turned up – she must have run a few miles.

sea holly oxwich Img60460264

The Gower is known for its distinctive flora, and, even on a dull day, the variety of colours and flowers, with sea holly, vetches, orchids, samphire and strange low growing roses and brambles adding to the mix in different places, was pretty.

jay oxwich Img720700E0

The beaches on the coast were windy but the day was warm.  I haven’t seen so many cuttlefish bones for a long time.

Img30EF0352 ImgA8302E6

The tide was coming in and was nearly covering the stepping stones over Pennard Pill in Three Cliffs Bay, and it cut Oxwich off from Three Cliffs.  There’s a steep soft-sand climb between the two, and the high tide lengthened the walk a bit.  The CoalHouse opened at 6 which was when we arrived.



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  1. lindakasmaty says:

    Love it round there. Great photos, you captured the day perfectly.

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