An Elementary test: a horsey post

My horse Bo and I have stepped up another level in our dressage: we had a go at an Elementary test for the first time.  Admittedly, it was a nice test, and a small class … of two … and we came second.  I am happy with a respectable score and fair comments. Dressage has stepping stones of  Intro, Prelim, Novice and Elementary and then on through higher levels.  We had entered the Novice class and here is Bo after his warm-up and finishing the test down the centre line.

????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????

We were soon back in the arena – I never imagined doing Elementary but Bo enjoyed it. He got a good mark for a medium trot (lengthening) and his free walk (below right), stretching forward and down.

????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????

I find that dressage makes him even better to ride out and about on roads or in the forestry – it improves my riding too.  Bo just likes to have fun and be told how clever he is. Mike struggled to photograph his head.

????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Then it was back in the lorry and off home to enjoy some lunch and hay. ????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????We don’t compete often, and this was a good day out.

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  1. Well done, looks good.


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