Cliff tops from Llantwit Major to St Donats

A sunny Sunday: when I got home from riding, Mike had his maps out and was choosing a bit of Coastal Path to walk. We parked at Llantwit Major station and walked through this sleepy town by signs to the beach, arriving on cliff tops, with eroding sheer drops and pavement formations below.

DSC00063 DSC00065

The Jurassic cliffs and rocks on the beach are a rich place for fossil-hunting, but today I was more interested in the cliff faces and swirling patterns below. This is not only Wales Coast Path but also designated the Glamorgan Heritage Trail: not that tourist branding matters to the limestone cliffs or the ponies grazing tufty grass above Cwm Colhuw.

The thick limestone beds with thinner mudstone (shale) look like stonemason’s work, ready to take and rebuild as a wall.  Below the cliffs dark shale is laid out like a pavement.  I am not sure how the swirls were made on one stretch. The pavements are more odd than the man-made look of the cliffs.


The coves were full of cars, with all sorts enjoying the sea and beaches, from wheelchairs to surfers.  We walked inland at St Donats, where press tycoon Hearst created the building now housing Atlantic College.  I found some angelica growing lushly near to the bus stop. And the bus turned up.

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