Winter sun on the Garth

Low winter sun makes for long dark shadows on hillsides and even startling coppery colours on birches.  Moments to be seen and captured in memory.

Today, my horse had another day off in the field while I tried (and mainly failed) to get the light and shadows on camera.

???????????????????????? ????????????????????????

The frozen, slippery ground needs another day to thaw.  A tubby robin sat on the gatepost by the path down to the forestry – just visible in the photo.  He’s cheeky and a good songster, also appearing at morning feedtime.

????????????????????????I used the fields and common of the Garth in the painting for “Additions” in BHAC, Cardiff.  No haze though.  The steaming muck heap doesn’t figure either.



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2 Responses to Winter sun on the Garth

  1. Lovely light at this time of year, I like your pics.


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