Women’s art: almost time for Additions

“Additions”, the show of work by Women’s Art Association members, is gathering momentum towards the opening next Sunday, November 23rd.  The venue at Butetown History & Arts Centre on Bute Street CF10 5AG was busy today as the artists delivered their work.

Sandwiched between riding my horse and going back to tuck him up with dinner and hay, I took my painting of sheep formations down there.  It developed from a smaller card I did for a postcard sale (below), based on observing the sheep where my horse lives.


“Additions” includes both familiar and new Women’s Arts contributors and is special because members were able to invite a non-member: these guests bring an extra dimension of previously unknown creativity.  We are also delighted to have two new curators, Melanie Wotton and Dinah Guilfoyle, helping  Jacqueline Alkema and Kay Keogh.  More on this show after it is opened by Emma Geliot on 23rd November.

Before our show goes up in the Gallery, the present one comes down.  It also has a good representation of Women’s Arts: Jacqueline’s very recognisable, and Amelia Thomas among them – I whizzed round and missed names.

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  1. I love your painting.


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