Day out including Radev II collection in Bath

Earlier in July, I took the train to join friends for one of our regular catch-ups.  The buddleia was turning the Valleys railway embankments mauve.  After the long, wet winter, plants seem to be going for gigantism, for example the thick but soft brambles.

IMG_2539 ??????????????????????????

Cardiff station sign on the food stall: “Seagull alert. Protect your food for theft of baguettes”.  I waited for a cafe-stop in Bath for tea and cake (& got sent outside to take a  photo).


We went round the Radev II exhibition in the Victoria Art Gallery.  This is the second selection (and some think a better selection) of modern art from the private collection of Mattei Radev (1927-2009), a Bulgarian who arrived in Britain as a stowaway. He became friends with art collectors and the pictures reflect his contacts and affairs with 20th century artists like members of the Bloomsbury Group.

There is quite a crossover with the modern art in the National Museum in Cardiff, but far more of Alfred Wallis, Duncan Grant and my friend’s favourite, by Chaim Soutine.

IMG_2545 IMG_2548

The exhibition is on until the end of August, and there is more information about Radev on the Victoria website and


Going home, there was the sun going down as we passed Bristol.





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1 Response to Day out including Radev II collection in Bath

  1. lindakasmaty says:

    Great reminder of our fab day out.


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