Horsey day out at Stocklands

Bright blue skies and fluffy clouds were perfect for a day of BD affiliated dressage down the road at Stocklands.  It was my first test on Di’s beautiful Megan, and I did two tests on my own horse Bo Sourire.

Meg was trimmed and shiny for the occasion, and I got on from the lorry ramp. Iona and Lynda were not taking chances that she would move. I took her to the indoor arena for a short warm up.

IMG_2483Meg was up for her Novice test, trotting smartly into a 3-loop serpentine and sustaining her canter through the 20 metre circle and round the edge.

IMG_2487 IMG_2489

Having put a lot into it, her free walk late in the test was very relaxed and swinging. The fan club of Lisa, Di and Jackie, were there to greet her finale of a salute on the centre line.

IMG_2495Bo needs a longer warm up, and then we did the same Novice test.

IMG_2500There was an hour before he was on again for his second test.

IMG_2502 IMG_2509


That was my riding over, and time for Bo to share some hay with Meg while I got my sandwich.

IMG_2527 IMG_2533

Iona still had home-bred Rokket to ride in two more difficult Medium tests.  The pair of them was a treat to watch, coming second and first.









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  2. Lovely to see horses and riders in such fine shape!


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