Julie Morgan inspires women

Yes, this is again about art, because Women’s Arts Association had the grand opening of the exhibition in BHAC on Bute St.

Julie Morgan gave a warm and inspiring opening, recalling the days when she was part of the Arts Discussion Group of the Women’s Committee 30 years ago, set up in what was then South Glamorgan County Council, which morphed into the WAA.


???????????????????????????? She left her handprint with a message, as we all did.  These will form feedback for the funding from the Welsh Government and WEN.  Art and politics do mix.

Many of the original WAA members are still active, some relying on this year’s glam accessory.

????????????????????????????This is the third time I have been to the show, and it is on until next Saturday, when there is a full day of talks on Empowering Women for our closing event.  The video by Jenni Steele, “Pinnies”, is fun, and there were lots of compliments for the art there.

??????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????

Following the BHAC show, we moved over for tea and cake at the Sunflower and I Cafe, where we have our postcards for this week.  This is a fundraiser for WAA, with women contributing postcards from as far afield as Austria and Swindon.

???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????

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1 Response to Julie Morgan inspires women

  1. lindakasmaty says:

    Thank you for writing this so quickly!! I’ll forward the link to Jane so she can see her postcard displayed.


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