Women artists in Butetown History & Arts Centre, Cardiff

After the opening of Towards Transformation I walked over to Bute Street to have a coffee in the Sunflower & I cafe and flower shop, and then to see how the show in Butetown History & Arts Centre was looking.

Women’s Arts Association are having a postcard show in Sunflower, which is an unusual and wonderful place to browse for flowers or discuss an artful floral arrangement, or sit in comfort for coffee and cake.  The postcard show there will open on March 16th at 4pm.

???????????????????????????????Over the road at BHAC, the exhibition is open to view.  The official opening is on March 16th at 2pm.  There is a special closing day of talks “Empowering Women” on March 22nd.  The events are supported by the Welsh Government.


Sian Holley’s painting on the far wall was inspired by her visit to Darfur, taking art into the hardships of the camps.


The exhibition includes Jenni Steele’s DVD, the screen above plenty of information leaflets about organisations working for women in Wales.


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3 Responses to Women artists in Butetown History & Arts Centre, Cardiff

  1. lindakasmaty says:

    What’s happening in Swansea? I met someone from there at an event at the Stroud Valley Arts place last Tuesday.


  2. lindakasmaty says:

    Looks really interesting, we can visit next Wednesday can’t we?


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