Futures Gallery: carvings and relationships in the wild

People and relationships with nature and the wild recur in the ceramics, carvings, illustrations and poetry in the Futures Gallery, Pierhead Building in Cardiff.  Until March 28th, three artists are showing their work in “Towards Transformation” and the official opening by sponsor Jane Hutt, Minister of Finance, was followed by a special reading by poet Susan Richardson.

IMG_2038 IMG_2037

Sue and one of the artists, Pat Gregory, have worked together before: either they discuss a theme and each produce work, or one comes up with an idea and it goes to and fro as each responds.  Their book from this collaboration will be published by Cinnamon Press in 2015.

For example, Sue introduced one poem, Insomnia Llama – and here is the illustration.  It is next to a linocut, “White Doe”.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? IMG_2040

Pat makes her own use of Celtic knotwork which is a natural for metamorphosis, working in pen and ink.  As she puts it, the knotwork moves rhythmically but not straight-forwardly.

IMG_2052 She also does lino-cuts.

IMG_2051Rose Gwyn’s mosaics also carry pattern and movement.  She finds broken and abandoned ceramics and creates of them visual narratives.  The more I looked, the more exquisite they were – these are of Waking, and Labyrinth.


Gwyneth Price divides her work into the human and the natural, describing the natural as more abstract and twining, springing.  I loved her Curling Man in chestnut wood – especially set against Rose Gwyn’s mosaic.

IMG_2049 IMG_2050

The carvings of women are less curled and more flowing.

IMG_2048 Turning to nature, this work picks up the Celtic influence again.

IMG_2047All in all, it’s an excellent exhibition as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations.  The Pierhead building gets lots of people passing through who will enjoy it.

The artists can be contacted through email, and hopefully you can see the opening times too.


All three artists are members of the Women’s Art Association, based in Cardiff and committed to addressing isolation and exclusion experienced by women in the arts and in the wider community.

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1 Response to Futures Gallery: carvings and relationships in the wild

  1. lindakasmaty says:

    Great curling and knots.


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