Women artists delivering in Cardiff

It was delivery day for women artists entering the International Women’s Day show at Butetown History & Arts Centre in Cardiff Bay.  The show runs from March 4th to March 22nd.  Jacqueline Alkema was doing the paperwork and checks as the works arrived.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Every year since 1984, the Women’s Arts Association has put on IWD exhibitions open to all women artists, encouraging talented women who do not usually exhibit their work to enter, as well as providing an opportunity for many professional artists.

Works include paintings and drawings from abstract to figurative, woolly textiles, and film.   They are looking passive lined up and waiting.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I have entered one of my paintings “Three sofas and a Concorde” which was received with no awkward silence (phew).  Now I must get on with a postcard for the accompanying over-the-road exhibition in Sunflower & I.  Both exhibitions have an official opening on Sunday March 16th.

Details are on the WAA website

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3 Responses to Women artists delivering in Cardiff

  1. Rachel Hurdley says:

    Hi Jay, let me know if i can bags a lift to see the expo, thanks.


  2. Can’t we see your painting? Do post a photo.


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