Art in Cardiff: St David’s Hall

Two exhibitions had openings last Friday evening in Cardiff.  The multi-levels of St David’s Hall Exhibition Space are an extensive area (below) and offer 165 works by over 40 artists based in Wales, under Cardiff Contemporary, a council intiative for visual art.  I’ll do a separate post for Penny Hallas’ Pantechnicon in Unit 17 in Queens Arcade.


Women’s Arts Association is well represented in St David’s Hall, with a pleasing line of paintings by JeanWalcot, Jaqueline Alkema and Kay Keogh (r to l, below).


This is Kay Keogh’s Came to the Edge quartet closer up.


Kay introduced me to David Gould, encouraging me to have a look upstairs at his paintings of Pontypridd and Treharris (there’s also one of Ponty’s Ynysangharad Park).

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Also on the top level were one of the late Tony Goble’s, who I remember from Llanover Hall, and the light touches of  Snow by Shirley Ann Owen.

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There is a wide variety of materials in the works – mixed media, ceramics from Fireworks artists among others – to suit every taste.

I liked, better without a reflection, Caravan by Daphne Hurn.  Penny Hallas shows her skills in pen & ink, just one of the media she works in.

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