Printmakers at the Women’s Arts Association Wales

Last Saturday, I took the bus into Cardiff for the Women’s Arts Association opening of three printmakers’ work after their Annual General Meetings, at the Butetown History  and Arts Centre.  BHAC is in one the big old buildings on Bute Street in the Bay.

The three printmakers are Philippa Sibert, Carla Shepherd and Catherine Ade and the exhibition is on until September 22nd.  You can get information about their methods and inspirations from the WAA e-Newsletter, downloadable from the website.

Catherine Ade has elements of quirky humour in her lithographs which I liked.  Like other partners, hers suspects that he may have been useful material.  Catherine (below with the curator Jane Taylor) denies any portraiture.

IMG_1788 IMG_1789

Catherine Ade’s work is more narrative than the other two printmakers.   All three can be read with depth.


Phillippa Sibert’s mixed media prints build layers, and I liked these naturalistic prints, and looking into the detail in them.

IMG_1790Carla Shepherd’s photo etchings are small but rich with images as memories.  They formed the backdrop for the cellist playing through the late morning.

IMG_1792 IMG_1793

The exhibition opened after the AGM, at which I seem to have become Chair, which is exciting as well as an honour, and gives me an excuse to put more “arty things” on this blog alongside the open spaces theme.  WAAW is free to join or £10 as an Associate Member – and has some seriously good artists, as well as women like me.


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