Caergybi (Holyhead) to Caerdydd (Cardiff) by bike

This evening, beyond the sand “beach” and sounds of the fair in Cardiff Bay, Ross and Gareth completed their 263 mile bike ride from Holyhead.  They had a champagne celebration at the Celtic Ring which marks the Taff Trail beginning.??????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????

They hardly went on roads, following mostly Route 8 of the Welsh cycle trails.  They had a fabulous week, including passing Harlech (the castle), visiting the Centre for Alternative Technology at Machynlleth, riding over Cadr Idris and the Rayader Pass and seeing the Brecon Jazz Festival being set up (it’s this weekend).

???????????????????????????????????????????The key is at the centre of the Celtic Ring and says it is by Harvey Hood, 1993.

???????????????????????????????????????????An excellent way to enjoy public rights of way and spaces.  They used 5 inner tubes and Gareth burnt a finger on red hot disc brakes after a precipitous downhill.

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