Big Cheeses and Big Bites: Caerphilly & Pontypridd

On the last couple of weekends we have had local “days out”.  First, the Big Cheese brought a funfair and lots of food and craft stalls to Caerphilly Castle grounds.  It was raining, and we stayed awhile in the Crimson Moon enjoying their excellent mead and good company including a chess game.

The birds found a quiet spot on the moat although there was plenty of noise from the fair.

???????????????????????? ????????????????????????

It was sunnier on last Saturday for the Big Bite at Pontypridd and families were around the paddling pool as well as the stalls and fair in Ynysangharad Park.

??????????????????????????????I had to laugh at the beefy security men for a celebrity chef, very incongruous.

The sheep were missing from the podiums down by a dog racing show – the hare being pulled to and fro on a wire powered by bicycle and the collie and terrier having a whale of a time.  There were other dogs swimming in the river with families sat around on the banks.


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5 Responses to Big Cheeses and Big Bites: Caerphilly & Pontypridd

  1. lindakasmaty says:

    Who was the celebrity chef? Did they really have security men? Am envious of the number of comments this post has generated.


  2. I used to live in Pontllanfraith, in the borough of Caerphilly. My memories of the Big Cheese is drunk teenagers spoiling a good day for people with families. Has it changed much?
    I noticed from a previous post that you have friends that live near the Monnow. That is where moved from Pont.

    Enjoyed your posts, thanks for sharing


    • ossjay says:

      Maybe the rain had damped excesses of the Big Cheese. We met lovely young people who were quite blotto, and there were lots of families. The families on the bus home seemed tired but happy.

      Golden Valley is beautiful. Every year, our friends go to Abbey Dore to sing – they live outside Reading – and stay by the Monnow. I hope we meet there again next year.


      • It is nice to hear that you had a nice time at the Big Cheese, we used to take our young children there early in the morning to see the stalls, but after a very unfortunate year we decided that we would never take our children there again as we thought it was far too dangerous and inappropriate for younger children to attend and after watching what was practically a live sex show in front of us as we sat watching fire eaters by two very drunk teenagers laying on the grass infront of us in full view of anyone.

        Abbeydore is an amazing place, we quite often take our visitors there where I spend most of the day taking photographs of the Abbey, very impressive indeed!


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