Orchids everywhere, and bees both honey and bumble

Orchids are among the flowers making this a colourful, if late, summer.  In the parkland by Nant Celyn below Efail Isaf, marsh orchids are everywhere, showing their range of shades of purples and pink.

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Some are in grassland which is left uncut at this time of year, others are down close to the pond.

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Beyond the park in the fields, there were all bumble bees collecting pollen.  I snapped this picture of Cow Parsley beside the Maesmawr Road.  It might actually be Sweet Cecily or some other parsley-ish member of the Carrot Family or umbelliferae: there are such good names like Moon Carrot, Hedgehog Bur Parsley, Pignut, Water Dropwort and Sneezewort, to name a few – not all found in south Wales.

The leaves smelt like parsley, and the flowers were dense and pretty, and in this photo, when I looked carefully, I found four bees, three honeybees and one bumble, busily loading up the pollen.


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1 Response to Orchids everywhere, and bees both honey and bumble

  1. lindakasmaty says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you.


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