Finding paths to a stone stile update

A year ago, on July 11 2012, I wrote about the footpaths from Efail Isaf to Maesmawr Road, commenting on the poor state of the traditional stone stile opposite Maesmawr Farm and getting lost.  I retraced my steps and didn’t get lost today.

Rhondda Cynon Taff’s rights of way rangers have been busy putting right the paths, signposting and stile.  The footpaths are not suitable for disabled access, being across fields with wooden stiles to climb over.  The start through Parc Nant Celyn is fine along Footpath 48.

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The path parallel with the bypass is well-used (FP 51 above right) and the stiles all good (although dogs may need lifting over where sheep wire is added).  Some trees look as though they have grown out of old laid hedges (I learned hedge-laying a while back): very peculiar some of them are, too.

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A new bridge and steps has been made over one ditch.  Good views across the valley open up.

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The path (FP 46) up to the stile is a bit nettley and midgey. The stone stile looks great, nicely restored from its sad look last year – thanks RCT.  This is from the field side.????????????????????????????????

I knew from riding past that it was a bit overgrown from the road – it is a shame more people don’t use it.  I had brought secateurs with me and cleared it a bit, getting stung by the extremely vicious nettles of a special nasty stock.

???????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????

Then I went along the road.  This road has verges which could be rideable, which is important where there are no bridleways.  Highways have not done horses any favours, using sharp stones and leaving ruts.


Next was the footpath off from the brow of a hill (FP 50), also now tidy though also in need of a trim.

???????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????


The crossing of footpaths 50 and 47 is now waymarked and the bridge repaired.

???????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????

The pale colours of the grasses blowing in the breeze was beautiful, and reddish sorrels closer to Efail Isaf and Nant Celyn added to subtle colours.


New metal self-closing kissing gates have been added at exits from fields; I’m not sure if this is to keep animals out of Nant Celyn or anyone except walkers out of the fields.????????????????????????????????



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