Swallows and wild flowers

Last Tuesday, after my farrier John Crofts had shod Bo, I took a few photos around the farm and my horse Bo’s field on the eastern side of the Garth mountain.

I caught a good moment as a shoe was fitted – it looks dramatic but you can see Bo is not bothered.  At can be seen, we are following the fashion of flowers on the yard.

????????????????????? ?????????????????????

The swallows come back each year and most stables have seen nests renovated and one lot of baby birds grow up and fly.  This one is over the hay field.

?????????????????????My horse Bo and his herd live in a field of many different habitats, some wet and some dry.  Megan (seen with a fine foxglove) is specially fond of her ditches and foraging.

????????????????????? ?????????????????????

There is plenty of choice – I shall have to edit this post after checking the names of plants, but here goes.  I’m not very good on plant names.

At the moment there are lots of varieties of buttercups – these look like spearworts with their spikier leaves than meadow buttercups.  There are a few fluffy bog cotton.

????????????????????? ?????????????????????

One part of the field always has lots of marsh orchids.  Loads of them.



Scattered around are knapweeds, and ragged robin is most noticeable in another, wetter area.

????????????????????? ?????????????????????

I have no idea what either of these are (below).  One is a squelchy sort of plant.  The other looks uncommonly like a bean: perhaps they are from horse feed like competition mix.

????????????????????? ?????????????????????

The horses enjoy picking their way through these plants, eating the bits they like.  There’s more lush grassy areas on the other side of the wood and they do a daily tour, dozing occasionally.  Not a bad life at all.

????????????????????? ?????????????????????

All the time, there is the birdsong.  We have so many birds here, and there are different calls as a background.

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4 Responses to Swallows and wild flowers

  1. lindakasmaty says:

    Glorious, celebratory post. Summer so uplifting.The orchids are particularly lovely, as are the glossy horses.


  2. I’d love to know what all the plants are, and the birdsong too! What a lovely spot, I’m so glad I’ve seen it, though very different in March.


    • ossjay says:

      I am learning to listen more! Out riding, I was told me that there was a stonechat and whitethroat, I think, quite clear. I’ve realised that the pea-like plant will be alfalfa which all the horses eat, breakfast and dinner, with cubes or mix through the winter. That (and linseed) gives Bo his shiny coat.


  3. stravaigerjohn says:

    Lovely to see the countryside summer green at last!


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