Fireworks Clay Studios: open studios in Tudor Lane, Cardiff

Fireworks Clay Studios is a group of artists, mostly working with clay, to be found through a plain door at 24 Tudor Lane.  Entering last Saturday, an Open Studios day, was like walking into a Tardis, with an open courtyard and studios on the ground and first floor, one following on from another, over 20 in all.

Sara Moorhouse had reminded me to come.  As well as her current beautiful conical pieces, she has earlier work showing her development of colour, light and form in our Welsh landscape. Sara writes of her work “Through the work I explore the ways in which spaces within landscape appear altered depending on the ever-changing colours of season, weather and time.”  I like to peer into the bowls which draw you into their depths.



I also liked the 3-D optical illusions by Jin Eui Kim, the surfaces seemingly bevelled not flat.


Carol Feehan’s animals are delightful, her sketches showing how she re-imagines people into pets.

???????????? Img45D90666carolfeehan

The sea and beach influences were in several studios, including Frankie Locke’s ceramics.


The artists are all listed, with photos of their work and description, on the Fireworks Clay Studio website   – these are a small part – and you can contact the artists.

They make exceeding good cakes too, to accompany tea or sangria, served on non-matching crockery which they assured me is terribly trendy.

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2 Responses to Fireworks Clay Studios: open studios in Tudor Lane, Cardiff

  1. b taylor says:

    Hi there i no you got your arts at 24 tudor i was wondering do you rent the shop or have you bought it if so could you plz let me no tbe owners name or who you rent it from thank you


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