Harvesting the wood at Coed y Gedrys

The dark pines are gone beside what we call Gas Lane (harking back to the gasline being laid).  Another section of Coed y Gedrys on the lower slopes of the Garth was harvested last year and the bluebells are taking over.  Below are some of the bluebells in the woods by the footpath to the stream.


Beyond the stream is Forestry Commission: it used to be a cold, dark wood, like something out of the Hobbit, which has been transformed into this wasteland – rather nice, though, with Mynydd Meio and Mynydd Eglwysilan over yonder, and better for riding.

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The bluebells must have been dormant, because they have colonised the edges of the wasteland, and delicious fresh grazing has emerged to the delight of our horses whose field is just over the fence.  They never used to bother much but now spend lots of time on this side of the field, led by the great forager, Megan.

?????????????????????????????????????Riding through here, with the birdsong and sunbeams, is a real pleasure.

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