Green Routines open at Aberdulais Falls SA10 8EU

Aberdulais Tin Works and Waterfall, north of Neath, were our destination for the opening of ‘Green Routines’, and exhibition based on an internet survey and interviews carried out by Emily Hinschelwood and Anna Smith.

Driving there was not cutting carbon omissions, but it was a glorious sunny evening to be travelling west and up towards Aberdulais.

??????????????????????????????????Over the centuries, the waterfall  has attracted visitors and artists, including JW Turner, and the site includes the remains of the tin-works for which the area was once famous.  A 20 minute film, including 20th century archive material,  is really worth seeing.  This is a beautiful post-industrial setting, and the big waterwheel installed to generate electricity is a clue to why Awel Aman Tawe chose it for their exhibition.

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About 350 people filled in the survey online and Anna and Emily (below) had devised appealing ways to present their input as well as the voices of interviewees.

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Bi-lingual tapes, after a minute winding, were filled with opinions, often funny.  This left a hand free for a glass while listening.  Nooks and crannies had well-chosen presentations on topics related to cutting carbon emissions and helping slow climate change.

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It all works well: after Green Routines, outside the various bits of the old works are fascinating for all ages, and the whole place is very disabled friendly.  The social and economic history of the works are worth a read on a visit.  The location links to the Tennant canal and rivers, the other side of which runs up to Kilvey Hill (see various blogs).

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I liked the stonework, and also found a green roof above the Green Routine venue, growing nicely and insulating too.

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Green Routines

From wormeries to windfarms, Freecycle to guerilla gardening, European wine to veg oil motoring …

Awel Aman Tawe’s ‘Green Routines’ Exhibition is a celebration of hundreds of people’s decisions to cut their carbon emissions. An involving experience with sounds, puppets and countless stories from ordinary people, this installation will excite and inspire – whether you are just beginning to think about being green or whether it is the fundamental principle by which you live.

The full exhibition dates: 18th – 30th May (daily): 11.30 am – 4.30 pm (National Trust prices for admission including old Tinworks and Falls apply).

Websites at and

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4 Responses to Green Routines open at Aberdulais Falls SA10 8EU

  1. I entered into face book..bye bye tinworks people once needed you, never the less hello green views
    Thank you from Diane.


  2. ossjay says:

    Thanks you for the kindly words and sorry that the “Like” thingy is weird – that happens to me too on other blogs.


  3. doogal22 says:

    ‘Like doesn’t work, so I have to leave a comment to show I like it.

    I like it.


  4. lindakasmaty says:

    The waterfall and exhibition look great.


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