Tarnished silver skies for a platinum birthday in Sussex

A good friend had booked all an East Sussex farm holiday accommodation for a leisurely 70th birthday celebration.  Given the slowness of this spring and bitter easterly winds, we were glad of Fair Oak Farm’s cosy heating.  It is a nice place with big communal barn, cowshed, stable and grainstore (all ensuite), peacocks and round eco-lodges in the trees.  The farm’s traditional oast-house has an old Victorian postbox on the side.

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The local lanes, paths and bridleways were pleasant enough, though only catkins and moss seem to be making any growth among last year’s debris.  I liked the stone birds.

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Intrepid map-readers Mike, Nick and Joan took us on a circular route with views over the Weald and the names (Swife Lane, Broad Oak, Mayfield, Witherenden, Froghole) were solid country English.

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Could the skies and landscape, grey and dull, be called silver? Flattering: I think they are more tarnished silver at the moment.  Our days there in excellent company were more platinum.


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3 Responses to Tarnished silver skies for a platinum birthday in Sussex

  1. Ian Ledger says:

    Glad you enjoyed your stay and thank you for your kind words. I hope we will see you again in Spring or Summer. The floor of the woodland is currently a sea of bluebells. Ian @ Fair Oak Farm, Mayfield, East Sussex


    • ossjay says:

      It would be lovely to see the flowers this year after a milder winter: our verges and hedgerows are full of all sorts here. We did enjoy our stay at Fair Oak very much.


  2. lindakasmaty says:

    Glorious words and pics, there’s nothing more precious than platinum, unless it’s tiem spent with friends.


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