Cake fest for Oxfam on IWD

Cardiff SOCSI staff and students were invited to a Cake Fest for Oxfam, socialising and eating excellent cakes which is a pleasant way to spend part of International Women’s Day.  Rachel (seen auctioning her duck and hen’s eggs) and Dawn (in conversation) organised this and raised £212, matched by a benefactor.

IMG_1088 IMG_1092

Cake-makers had surpassed expectations, bringing lime drizzle, victoria sponge, chocolate, cup cakes and mini muffins, bara brith, biscuits and various teas in heavy teapots.

??????????????????????????????? IMG_1091

While some people occupied the sofa corner, others stood in finger-licking happiness.

IMG_1090 IMG_1094

The Glamorgan Building is possibly best known for the circular council chamber (it was Mid Glamorgan County Council’s offices before unitary authorities), and it also has original features like the large cloakrooms with heavy wood doors, coat racks, and old mosaic floors and tiling, shaped round windows.

??????????????????????????????? IMG_1085IMG_1083

The duck eggs were from Rach and Tref’s ducks at home, obviously enjoying the faint signs of spring and guarded by the smart collies.

IMG_1098 IMG_1100


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