Serious snow and not much else

It’s exciting to have a good blanket of snow. Mike came with me to Lan farm.

s s


Trees made a fairyland of the lane.

s s

ss s

Lynda had had help on an early start to stables, and all the horses had hay.  My friend Di couldn’t get up, but her beautiful Megan and my Bo were the only ones to get time in the field, being well behaved and trustworthy.

s s

Meg revelled in the snow and dug for grass like a reindeer.

s s

Bo was being less showy.  Snow clouds drifted over Garth mountain beyond the manege.

s s

Al and Beccy rode because if it freezes, this could be the last chance for a few days.  Leaving piles of haynets, feeds and happy horses back in their stables, we headed home.  Cars and a horse or two had been using the road to get to other stables like Dryscoed (below) and Ty Newydd.

s s

As we got closer to home in Efail Isaf, there is a good section of potholes where the ice will build up, just before the line of pylons humming away.

s s

There were more people about by lunchtime, fetching things from the shop or taking sledging gear up the Garth.  I’m told that people in cars have descended on supermarkets like locusts.  Our village shop in Efail Isaf had everything (except newspapers) – bread, eggs etc all fresh, all easy to visit on foot.  Same again tomorrow, I expect.


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2 Responses to Serious snow and not much else

  1. Lovely photos Jay, so glad Bo was trustworthy enough to be allowed out.


  2. Nothing quite so fine as a good dumping of snow. Beautiful!


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