Tonteg to Trefforest just a short walk

The Church Village by-pass has impacted on footpaths in the area, and there have also been developments in cycle tracks. I tested out going “off-road” from Tonteg to Trefforest the other day when I needed to pick up the cats’ wormers and food from the vet. All very responsible, minimising petrol consumption as well as maximising cat health.
This is the old Three Horseshoes pub which, since the bypass was built, is now residential Madison Mansions.

This view from opposite the old pub over Power Station Hill will disappear as the trees grow up: the trees planted have taken well.


Unable to find a path, I scrambled down the bank and then hit the new cycletrack which is peaceful and impressive, revealing walls of the old infrastructure.  It isn’t complete yet, and at the Devils Steps, well-known to anyone who grew up in the area, I went down the steps, over the railway and onto the diverted footpath.


Then it was paths by the river (I think Footpath 107) past the old tin plate works with their danger signs, and alongside the Bute, which has had registration as a village green submitted.  It’s a good way to get to Trefforest (and my vets) and easy to walk on to Pontypridd avoiding traffic.  I did take the bus back though.



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3 Responses to Tonteg to Trefforest just a short walk

  1. I wish we had some cycle rides around here in the Dales – I’m not sure we have any at all 😦 I get fed up of the fumes as much as the danger!


  2. ossjay says:

    I like the idea of routes having a purpose, and it is to RCT’s credit that they see paths as transport as well as for well-being and enjoyment


  3. linda Kasmaty says:

    What a great walk, thanks.


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