Dunraven Bay and walled gardens

Three of us and Welsh collie Idris took a stroll around the walled garden of Dunraven Castle on the headland above Dunraven bay – usually known as Southerndown which is the village nearby.  It’s a surfing beach – a few were there.  The cliffs are striking, looking almost like dressed stone walls, and the rocks form pavements across the sands.








The stone is Blue Lias from the Jurassic period, we read on a Heritage Coast info board.  Idris preferred the sand to the walled garden where he had to go on a lead.







The garden planners seem to have had a passion for thick ivy as well as orchards and there’s a pet cemetary opposite the tower.  Above the walled garden, on the headland, used to be a huge castellated house belonging to the Dunravens.








The house became a hospital in the two world wars, and was demolished in 1962.  The area has been used in films more recently.

We stopped in Ogmore at Franklins cafe for tea and cake – very good cake.  Idris had to stay in the car and didn’t eat Mike’s chocolate, much to Mike’s surprise.  Excellent dog.

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2 Responses to Dunraven Bay and walled gardens

  1. linda Kasmaty says:

    Where is Dunraven Castle? Is it NT? when is it open?
    Looks delightful.


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