Footpath 63 – a permissive diversion perhaps

I did a bit of footpath checking today as part of being the OSS local correspondent.

Footpath 63 starts on Heol-y-Parc and is waymarked through the garden of one of the new houses which replaced the Jones’ 400-year-old cottages and the drive to Celyn Farm.

RCT is proposing to extinguish this and divert it up the new drive.  Next, there is a well-used path off Heol-y-Parc into a field which seems to have been missed off the map. This will be a footpath diversion for – oops – the footpath 63 which runs through the garden of the house on the left!

We walked up to Celyn Farm, past the big pond and open landscaping to where there is another permissive diversion, waymarked over a solid stile.  Even more delightful are the alpacas along the existing footpath 63.  That way goes through to Drysgoed and was the route for children from the farms to go to school, I was once told.

We didn’t walk that way – instead turning up towards Footpath 65 which joins the road up past the chapel from Efail Isaf.

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